ADC board based on Cirrus CS5381

Another development – ADC on CS5381.

To date, to digitize the audio signal is not such a large selection of IC ADC.

When designing its first ADC, the following requirements were made:

  • low level THD + N, not worse than -110 dB
  • availability
  • ease of use

ADC with characteristics that meet the requirements:

  • AK5394
  • AK5396
  • AK5572
  • CS5381
  • PCM4220

Because Cirrus Logic freely sent a CS5381 sample, this was the starting point.

ADC circuit:

Output – I2S, by default, the ADC works as a master on the I2S bus. As a WM8805 transmitter, coaxial and optical output. It is also possible to exit on CS8406.

The scheme is quite simple. The digital part stabilizer on 1117-3.3, the generator power is separated by inductance. The generator frequency is 24.576 MHz. To operate at such a masterclock frequency, you must enable the frequency divider in the ADC.

Analog input filter is made on a fully differential op-amp, switching circuit by datasheet. Analog circuit power supply on TPS7A series stabilizers.

Printed circuit board 2x stronya, size 50×100 mm. Boards are made in China.


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  1. Hi, my name is Du.
    We are designing a sound card which uses to analyze and measure, and we plan to use CS5381 for ADC part.
    Your PCB layout looks good, can I reference it? Please~

    1. Hi!

      Please give your email address, I will send you all the necessary technical information.

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